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Online Primary Care & Mental Health 

Virtual Primary Care

Between living through a pandemic and an increasingly busy world, we understand that many of our patients have concerns about making an appointment to visit the doctor in person. Even if you can find the time, procure childcare, take off work, or jump any of the other hurdles you may face in making it to your appointment, you may feel unsafe, even with the many precautions we take in our office against COVID-19.

At Jeannette Family Medicine, we hear your concerns. That’s why we’re proud to provide virtual primary care through Teladoc primary care services. Our virtual health care services are performed with the same compassion, attention, and expertise that you can expect from any of our in-person providers.

If you’re ready to receive the next level of care from the top online primary care doctors in Jeannette, PA, it’s time to make Jeannette Family Medicine your new telehealth family doctor. Call us to schedule your appointment and get started today.

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TELEMEDICINE FOR Mental Health - Jeannette, PA

Virtual Doctor Visits for Behavioral Health

If you’ve been considering reaching out for mental health support, or you’re currently in a mental health counseling program, you may be facing a number of obstacles to receiving the care you need. You may find it difficult to make every session due to your job, family life, or schedule, and you may fear that telemental health providers won’t be able to provide the same level of care you receive in person.

These fears are understandable, but the team at Jeannette Family Medicine can help. With telehealth, you can sit down with your therapist when it’s right and convenient for you, all in the safety and comfort of home.

If you’d like to learn more about our behavioral health services, visit our page here. If you’d like to sign up for mental telehealth, don’t wait! Schedule an appointment with us today.